Hilary Braun

NIC+ZOE Campaigns

While lobster is fantastic on it's own with a little butter, our team wanted to highlight the versatile nature of lobster and all the unexpected ways you can cook with it. We also wanted to recipes that complemented the distinct flavor and versatility of Maine new shell lobster. A new shell is a lobster that has been caught right after molting and is bursting with a fresh, briny flavor that is both sweet and tender. As the lobster grows into its new shell, seawater fills the gap between the meat and the shell and naturally marinates the meat. 

Below is a sampling of the food photography I directed during my time as creative lead on this account.

CLIENT: Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative
CREATIVE DIRECTION: Hilary Braun  PHOTOGRAPHY: Heath Robbins FOOD STYLING: Catrine Kelty  PROP STYLING: Janine Maggiore